Finally...I'm back!!

Hello readers. I am so sorry I left you in the lurches...yet I needed to take a step back and reevaluate a couple of things about my life.

First, after a LONG, LONG winter, I needed to welcome the beauty of springtime and spend a good amount of time saying HELLO to the awakening seedlings of new flowers and growing leaves. Yes, I sound like a hippie tree-hugger, but after being cooped up in my house with my little boy for months and months of winter, I have never appreciated spring as much as I do now! So, I planted a garden for the first time in my life. I planted some gerbera daisies, marigolds, kalanchoes, and pansies. I also planted some vegetables: sugar snap peas, carrots, and broccoli. AND, in addition, I created an herb garden, which is something I've always wanted to do...This includes rosemary, thyme, basil, spearmint, and lavender.

Gerbera Daisies

Herbs from my garden

The second act of business that I needed to fine tune was my diet and exercise routine. While trying all those new recipes was a lot of fun (and gave me something to do while cooped up inside), I was feeling bloated and unhealthy, and wanted to get back to how I was eating before I had my boy. I didn't feel the need to blog about it until now, after people have started to see a difference in my appearance and asked what I have been eating.

To give you a little idea of my daily diet, here is a sample menu:


Cup of oatmeal or magic bread bran muffin
Kashi "GO-LEAN" protein shake
Cup of coffee
Glass of water

Morning Snack

Banana and strawberries


Salad with olive oil dressing
1 serving of whole wheat start (bread or pretzels)
Can of veggies

Afternoon Snack

Kashi "GO-LEAN" Snack Bar
Carrots with Hummus


Salmon fillets
Whole Wheat Rice Pilaf
Veggie of some sort



In addition to following this menu, with occasional treats here or there on the weekends, I walk every day and do strength training whenever I get the chance. I also drink LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!! This is key to draining any toxins from one's body. I feel better, and my clothes fit better too! I will try and keep you posted of some new, healthy recipes I try over the course of the next few weeks.